Opportunities for retail and institutional investors in Nesa Capital’s managed fund solutions.


Nesa Capital offers high growth opportunities in impact investments. Our retail products give exposure to both enterprise and supplier development and commercial and industrial (C&I) renewable energy.


Nesa Capital is actively raising commitments from potential institutional investors in the market seeking exposure to renewable energy investment. We welcome enquiries from investors wishing to learn more about our offerings.


The Nesa Renewable Energy Fund is a closed-end impact investment en-commandite partnership fund. We seek to generate absolute real returns by investing in a portfolio of commercial and industrial (“C&I”) scale renewable energy generation and storage facilities (“C&I Assets”) across South Africa.

The Fund adopts a first mover strategy and will own C&I renewable energy projects either through:

  1. investing in greenfield / new build C&I Assets where the Fund’s team will oversee origination, construction and development of C&I Assets through its internal platforms and infrastructure; or
  2. acquiring existing C&I Assets from other operators or property owners.

Income will be generated by the Fund through the sale of clean, reliable and affordable electricity to underlying property owners or other willing commercial/industrial/municipal buyers.

The Fund seeks to provide investors with social returns in the form of not only reducing carbon dioxide and harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the environment but also accelerating job creation in the South African renewable energy sector. These metrics will make a direct contribution to economic growth in South Africa by supplying affordable and reliable electricity to the market, and through asset construction and operations, permanent employment opportunities.

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